Deck Sanding & Resealing

                   Sanding an old deck 

Cleaning your deck might not be the only necessary step to get you, your family, and friends back on your deck. After a lot of use and cleaning, the wood might start to look like it is falling apart a little bit. The wood will not be a flat, smooth surface anymore, but it will look as if it has a thing layer of fibers over it. This is when you need to get your deck sanded because if it is not taken care of, the fibers can dry out and cause more trouble.

Our deck experts will look at your deck and decide exactly what needs to be done. Just like with everything else, there is a certain product and certain style that things need to be done. There is a specific type of sand paper for the best results for different woods. We know if we are able to use an electric sander or our own two hands just by looking at the wood on your deck.

When it comes to sealing, it takes an expert to do the best job. It takes a lot of hard work, concentration, and patience to seal a deck properly. It takes so much because a sealed deck makes a deck a lot more resistant to the elements that it has to stand up to and it makes the deck better looking. If you would like to keep enjoying summer days and cool nights out on your deck with your family and friends, then resealing your deck is a must.

If your deck is not exactly how you want it to look or if your deck has a layer of bad looking wood on top, or you would like it to be resealed, contact All Seasons remodeling for a free estimate. We will give you a fair price for a great job.

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Deck Seal:  similar to paint, it goes over your wooden deck to protect it from water, sun, and other elements that might wear down your wood.


Pressure/Power Washer:  a motorized machine that shoots water out of a nozzle at a high rate of water per minute to clean. 


Sanding: a process to smooth surfaces or remove unwanted layer on a surface such as paint.