Faux painting has been around for thousands of years and it has not gone away due to its beauty. Our experts are able to bring that beauty into any of your rooms in your house, condominium, or apartment. The elegance of faux painting can make your room into something that you never dreamed of it being.

What exactly is faux painting? Faux painting is a decorative style of painting that turns a wall into something more than it actually is. The techniques that are used can make your newly painted walls look like it is wood grain by a technique called graining. Your walls can look like faux marble by the process of marbleizing. You walls can also look like a beautifully textured by the process of Venetian plaster.   



The process of faux painting is like any other style of painting. The steps are only slightly changed depending on what faux finish you would like.

  • Preparation: Our experts will discuss what color and product that you would like us to use on your walls. Most importantly, we will listen to exactly what finish that you would like to have. We will give you examples of what we are able to do so that you know what the ending result will be. Once everything has been decided, we will remove everything from the room, cover everything, and tape everything down so that there are no accidents.

  • Paint: Our experts will first put the base color down on your wall. Then depending on what finish you would like, we will start using that technique so that you can get exactly what your newly painted room to look like.

  • Finalize: The painters will remove all the tape and covering then move everything back into the room that was removed. The paint will dry and our experts will talk to you about how you feel about the final product. Your satisfaction is the most important part of this step and our job.

Once you are completely satisfied is when our job is finally finished and we guarantee that you will be satisfied. Our painting experts have been painting for years and have been using different painting techniques for just as long.


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Faux:  a style of painting to make a surface look like it is something that it is not.


Paint:  a substance that has a color for decorative and protective purposes.